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How to find approved medication in Canada ?

How to find all approved drugs in Canada in 3 steps!

Canadian Drugs Database How to find registered / approved drugs in Canada? As pharmaceutical / medical supplies wholesale distributors we face this question a lot. (Health Canada) is the name of drugs regulators in Canada which is equivalent to (U.S. FDA) Food and Drug Administration in United state or European Medicines Agency (EMA) in European centuries. Health Canada has transparent free online access for all pharmaceutical product (drugs database ) (generic drugs or brand) that have been registered, dormant or canceled in Canada anytime. The use for this website is simple, easy to use and user friendly. Steps: Go to ( ) it will take you to Health Canada government website for Drug Product Database online query. or click here

1. Select Approved then, 2. Go to input name (Active ingredient(s):) and type in the name of the active ingredient of the product that you are looking for. (to know the active ingredient please read note) if you are confident with brand name you can put the under (Product name:) and if you like to refine your search with manufacturer name you can do that too. I like to leave everything open so I can see all option available in Canada. 3. Click Search.

Note: be careful you are not mixing up active ingredient name with other names for the product like brand name or other common names (brand name may very from century to century) to make sure you have the right Active ingredient name just google the name and you find the active ingredient name. don't include any number symbols or acronym. For Example : I am looking for Advil but I see underneath the name of the product in the box Ibuprofen. So I google both I found the Ibuprofen is the active ingredient name.

The Results : The result show me there is :

By sorting them for easier counting I found the following : 36 approved medication in Canadian market that contain Ibuprofen 23 approved medication in Canadian market that contain Ibuprofen with strength 200 mg 7 approved medication in Canadian market that name under Advil 3 approved medication in Canadian market that name under Advil with strength 200 mg The code: The Drug Identification Number (DIN) or Natural Product Number (NPN) is used by health care professional (Pharmacist, Doctors, medicine wholesale distributor, ext) to better define the drug , faster and more accurate. Now you know the most update status of your medication search in Canada. You can send us this code to find the price and availability for your medication. Thanks Pharmacist Sul. K.

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